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Reserve a slip at Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina.

bahamas marinas for florida visitors

Bahamas Marinas for Florida Visitors

August 25, 2023 | Hurricane Hole | Marina in Nassau

Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina is the Top Choice in This Island Nation

South Florida is a top yachting city in the world, and yachts and superyachts are a way of life along Fort Lauderdale and Miami. But this area of the Sunshine State is also closer than you might expect to another yachting haven: The Bahamas. The distance from Miami to this island nation is less than 200 miles, so it’s not all that surprising that taking a boat or yacht between the two is a popular travel route. When people are looking for the best Bahamas marinas for Florida visitors, one top facility is a clear choice: Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina.

So what makes this world-class marina in the heart of The Bahamas the best? Top amenities for yacht captains and crew members, a great location on Paradise Island, and all kinds of shopping and dining options right near the marina all help make Hurricane Hole the winner. And there’s another thing: this marina has slips available for even the largest yachts. Let’s explore some of the many reasons why Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina might be the right place to rent a slip and stay a while if you’re making the voyage from Florida to The Bahamas.

All Kinds of Amenities Are Available

When looking for Bahamas marinas for Florida visitors, it’s important to consider the basics, such as the location of the marina. Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina has that covered. Its location on Paradise Island brings visitors conveniently close to the world-famous Atlantis resort and casino, and people who stay here are close to the populous capital city of Nassau, accessible by boat or bridge from Paradise Island.

But don’t forget to also check into available amenities at the facility. This is where Hurricane Hole shines. For yacht captains and crew members, Hurricane Hole represents a secure, top-notch facility with all of the bells and whistles that could be desired — and so much more.

Let’s start with a newer amenity: The Captain’s Lounge and Crew Gym, a two-story facility that opened in the summer of 2023. The dockside facility is the place to go for yacht captains to get away and relax in comfort on the upper floor, where they can take in the views from a glass-railed deck, while on the ground floor, captains and yacht crew members can exercise and enjoy time off the yacht in a gym just for them.

Hurricane Hole made the news late in 2022 when it became the first and only marina in The Bahamas to offer in-slip fueling. This state-of-the-art and cutting-edge amenity offers unparalleled convenience for large yachts because refueling can happen right where a yacht is docked, with no need to wait in line or monitor refueling.

As part of a world-class redesign and expansion project that wrapped up in 2022, Hurricane Hole gained new infrastructure that makes it the best marina in The Bahamas for yachts and superyachts. With slips up to 420 feet, as well as 6,100 linear feet of deep-water docks — including floating docks that rise and fall with the tides — there’s room for even the largest vessels here.

Add to that things like 24/7 security, internet and communications connections for the modern age, and on-site concierge services, and it’s no wonder why Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina has become the country’s go-to marina for yacht captains and crews.

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Nearby Shopping and Dining at Bahamas Marinas for Florida Visitors

While it’s clear by now that Hurricane Hole is packed with amenities for the people who work on yachts and superyachts, it’s important to know that it’s also in a great location for nearby shopping and dining for the guests on pleasure vessels, too.

At Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina and the Paradise Landing community that surrounds the marina, visitors, and guests can enjoy some tasty food and beverages from Asian Grill, a dockside grill, and a bar. Need to stock up on medications and basics? Head over to Quality Care Pharmacy, a 1,400-square-foot modern pharmacy with a holistic approach to wellness. In the mood for some drinks for the yacht or to enjoy on Paradise Island? 700 Wines & Spirits is right here, and its 6,500-square-foot dockside store will even deliver beverages to homes, businesses, and people at the marina. 

If you’re in the mood to book some excursions on the island, line up transportation to get around, make reservations at restaurants or golf courses, or get help with laundry services, Hurricane Hole’s on-site concierge services can help make just about anything happen that you want. 

More on the Way at Bahamas Marinas for Florida Visitors

So much more is in store for Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina, so keep in mind that staying or docking here will just get better and better as time goes on.

Coming soon: A cutting-edge wellness center that can help yacht crews and guests alike maintain wellness and be at their best.

Also look for Sawyer’s Fresh Market, a gourmet grocery store right at Paradise Landing that will make it easier than ever to get all of the food you and your guests would ever need — even with delivery to the marina!

Another exciting thing coming soon is Carnivale Bahamas, an impressive new Latin fusion restaurant that will be influenced in its look, feel, and flavors by Bahamian culture when it opens its 15,000-square-foot mix of indoor and outdoor dining and gathering areas right at Hurricane Hole in 2024.

Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina is already the best option in the country, and that won’t change as things keep opening and being added to this world-class facility. If you’re searching for Bahamas marinas for Florida visitors, stop looking — you’ve already found the premier option with Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina. Contact our team online or give us a call at 242-603-1950 to learn more about what makes us the right place to call home in The Bahamas.