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Located in Sterling Commons, Anachronist Wellness joins a growing slate of select vendors offering upscale services and experiences that make Paradise Landing and all of Paradise Island a better place to live, work, and stay. The Paradise Island wellness center offers a unique mix of sports therapies, rehab treatments, and wellness services, including Active Release Techniques and soft tissue injury therapy — making it the first institution to do so in The Bahamas and the Caribbean. The company’s mission is to enhance the lives of all individuals efficiently and ethically through innovative, safe, and non-invasive wellness treatments, raising the bar for medical tourism services in the region.

While Anachronist Wellness will offer help for sports injuries and performance improvements, the work of Thompson and Anachronist’s co-founder, licensed clinical aesthetician Lakera Thompson, RPT, goes far beyond these areas, including treatments focusing on various injuries and conditions, lifestyle and work activities, injury care, women’s and men’s health issues, pain care, movement disorders, wellness, IV nutritional hydration therapy, and anti-aging skincare.