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June 22, 2023 | Hurricane Hole | Marina in Nassau

Why Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina is the Best in the Country

An island nation like The Bahamas that boasts a warm, sunny climate year-round is, perhaps not surprisingly, a particularly perfect place for boating and yachting. Whether it’s the clear skies, crystal-clear water, or island culture, there are a lot of reasons why it’s known as a paradise for pleasure vessels. So it makes sense that the facilities that serve boaters and yachts have also stepped up and become among the best in the world. If you’re searching for the best Bahamas marinas, look no further than Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina, which is a world-class place to call home while in the country.

A New Amenity Just for Yacht Captains and Crews

When considering where to dock, it’s obviously important to research the basics of what Bahamas marinas offer — and to make sure your choice of port will actually accommodate your vessel. Luckily, Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina is ready for even the biggest yachts and superyachts.

With slips up to 420 feet, a total of 6,100 linear feet of deep-water docks (including floating docks that rise and fall with the tides), a 240-foot-wide turning basin, and a bridge clearance of 70 feet, there’s room for even the most super of modern superyachts here.

It’s also worth mentioning that Hurricane Hole is the first and only marina in The Bahamas to offer in-slip fueling, which means vessels can be fueled right where they are docked, and captains don’t have to monitor fuel delivery or wait their turn behind other yachts. It’s impossible to overstate just how cutting-edge and convenient this feature is for busy yacht captains.

But there are plenty of other reasons beyond the technical and infrastructure specifics that make Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina the best choice for yacht captains and crew members — including an exciting new amenity designed just for them.

The new Captain’s Lounge and Crew Gym opened June 1 at Hurricane Hole and the surrounding commercial and residential community Paradise Landing.

With this new addition, yacht captains can now enjoy a place to get away and relax on the upper floor of this dockside facility, where they’ll find comfortable lounge furniture on a glass-railed deck that offers beautiful water views. On the ground floor, crew members and captains can exercise and enjoy their time on dry land while taking advantage of a state-of-the-art gym facility.

It’s the latest feature at a place that already has a lot to brag about, including high-speed Wi-Fi and ship-to-shore fiber connectivity, top-tier security, and on-site concierge services.

But it’s specifically just for yacht captains and crew members to enjoy this time, and the new gym and lounge facility is a sign of Hurricane Hole’s commitment to the people who are at the heart of the yachting community. This one is just for you.

Dockside Dining, Convenient and Delicious

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Not far from Hurricane Hole — actually, it’s just steps away — is a dockside grill and bar that serves up tasty Asian dishes and finger foods in a convenient location.

Asian Grill offers everything from appetizers and salads to sandwiches and finger foods, and, of course, Asian dishes. 

Its convenient spot at Hurricane Hole makes it an obvious choice for a place to unwind, dine, and take in the dockside views. But it also offers online ordering, giving patrons the option of being able to order in advance and pick up some tasty grub to eat back on the yacht.

Stock Up on Essentials Right at Hurricane Hole

Because the Paradise Landing community surrounds Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina, its increasing number of shops is a big boost for yacht captains and crew members.

Right at Paradise Landing, you can pick up medications and everything you need for health, wellness, body, mind, and spirit at Quality Care Pharmacy. The 1,400-square-foot store also sells more than the average pharmacy, including snacks, necessities, and local art.

Also at Paradise Landing, 700 Wines & Spirits has opened a 6,500-square-foot flagship store that is dockside and stocked up with all the alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages you’d want for any occasion.

The big store is conveniently located, but it also offers online ordering and delivery to your home, business, or marina — making it easier than ever to stock up while at Hurricane Hole.

Much More is on the Way on Paradise Island

Paradise Island, like Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina, is going to continue to get bigger and better than ever, and much more is coming soon to this exciting spot on Paradise Island.

Sawyer’s Fresh Market broke ground on the first large grocery store on Paradise Island in 2022, and work is progressing on this gourmet grocery store that will include a full-service meat and seafood case and deli, as well as fresh produce and all the necessities. 

Free grocery delivery will be offered anywhere on Paradise Island — including for people dockside at Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina — when Sawyer’s opens its doors.

Nearing completion as well at Paradise Landing is Anachronist Therapy, a new wellness center that will offer a unique mix of sport and wellness therapies and treatments. The facility will become the best place on the island for sports injury treatment and performance improvements, as well as other treatments that will focus on things like lifestyle and work activities, women’s and men’s health issues, pain care, wellness, anti-aging skincare, and so much more.

In May, a groundbreaking celebration marked the start of construction of Carnivale Bahamas, a Latin fusion restaurant that will boast 15,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor spaces with seating for over 350 people.

Once open in spring 2024, there will be space here for everything from indoor fine dining and casual outdoor dining to live music and entertainment, special events, and private parties.

Like the original Carnivale restaurant, which opened in Chicago in 2005, Carnivale Bahamas will celebrate Latin cuisine, love, and a zest for life. But it will also incorporate local cultures, flavors, and cuisines when it opens here, reflecting the elements and tastes that are native to The Bahamas.

Find Out Why Hurricane Hole is the Best Bahamas Marina

Rather than run through another list of technical specifications or infrastructure details to illustrate why Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina is the best choice for Bahamas marinas, we invite you to make up your own mind — and all it takes is a visit to our world-class marina.

There are so many reasons why yacht crews and captains are loving the big changes and exciting new offerings we’ve added to Hurricane Hole as part of a world-class redesign expansion and renovation, and you know all the exciting things that are coming soon to our marina.

Whether it’s the state-of-the-art features of the marina itself or the many convenient options for dining, shopping, and recreation right at Hurricane Hole, there are a lot of things that make our facility the best option in The Bahamas.

Learn more about all that we have to offer by calling our team at 242-603-1950, or contact us online. We’re ready to tell you more about the top-notch offerings and amenities we can provide for you at Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina on Paradise Island.