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Marinas with In-Slip Fueling in The Bahamas

February 28, 2023 | Hurricane Hole | Marina in Nassau

Bahamas Marinas with In-Slip Fueling: A New Convenience

In-slip fueling is a luxury for some boats and yachts but a necessity for others. There is a great appeal to having in-berth fueling for yachts and boats of all sizes, helping to ease the requirements for superyachts in more remote locations where even fueling can be a challenge.

A world-class redesign of Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina at Paradise Landing, located on beautiful Paradise Island in The Bahamas, took the iconic marina into the new century by adding in-slip fueling and many other amenities that make the deep-water marina highly attractive to yacht captains, owners and crew traveling to The Bahamas.

In-Slip Fueling: A First-of-its-Kind Feature at a Bahamas Marina

Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina is the only marina in The Bahamas to offer in-slip fueling at the new state-of-the-art luxury marina on Paradise Island. The ideal location next to the capital of The Bahamas and on the exclusive Paradise Island makes the new marina with in-slip fueling in The Bahamas a top choice for any yacht traveling to the country.

In-slip fueling is possible because of an extensive infrastructure system added during the 2022 expansion and redesign of Hurricane Hole. It started with installing a 2-inch line, connected to 10 sump boxes around the marina, that act as fuel points for distribution around the perimeter. This means that transport trucks can fill the line at a centralized pump and filter station, which then distributes fuel to the desired location.

Because of this infrastructure, unlike most fuel docks that can take hours to refuel, at Hurricane Hole, captains don’t have to monitor delivery of fuel or wait behind other yachts for their turn.

What Else to Expect at Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina

in-slip fueling hurricane hole

The new Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina is the most technologically advanced marina in The Bahamas. In another first for The Bahamas, it’s the only floating concrete dock marina, giving guests the ultimate comfort and stability when berthed. The marina is equipped with both single- and three-phase power with pedestals located every 50 feet.

Hurricane Hole was designed with owners, guests, captains, and crew members in mind. Captains and crew are welcome and can even expect exclusive amenities and services like a crew gym and captain’s lounge to help them feel comfortable during their time on Paradise Island.

Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina is also one of the safest marinas in The Bahamas. Along with 24-hour uniformed security, the marina has the most advanced analytical camera systems with facial recognition software and machine learning. The round-the-clock surveillance and security checks ensure that only those people who are meant to be within Paradise Landing have freedom of movement.

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The new marina design includes:

  • A 240-foot turning basin.
  • Fixed and floating concrete docks.
  • Dock space to accommodate yachts of up to 420 feet.
  • A 14.5-foot depth at low tide.
  • Bridge clearance of 70 feet.

Amenities and services at the state-of-the-art marina include:

  • Approved port of entry, customs and immigration right on site.
  • On-site concierge services that can help with booking activities, getting yacht maintenance, and more.
  • High-speed internet, with both Wi-Fi and fixed access points.
  • Pump-out services.
  • A large wine and liquor store with dockside delivery.
  • A swimming pool with poolside bar and grill.
  • Boat detailing.
  • Interior cleaning services.
  • Secure parking facilities.
  • Golf cart rentals.
  • Luggage delivery.
  • A pharmacy.

Much more is coming soon to Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina, including:

  • Three new restaurants.
  • An on-site gourmet grocery store.
  • A medical center.
  • A hair and nail salon.
  • A lounge for yacht captains and crew members.
  • A crew gym. 

Reserve Your Slip at Hurricane Hole

At the new Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina at Paradise Landing, guests, captains, and crew members will enjoy the many services and luxury amenities that will enhance any trip to The Bahamas. Its strategic location makes it an ideal marina, bringing Nassau and the whole of The Bahamas within reach. Reserve your slip today at the only marina in The Bahamas to offer in-slip fueling and floating concrete docks. Please see our booking engine online to see current dockage rates and to reserve your slip. Select purchase options are also available. You can also call at 242-603-1950 today.