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5 Features in Modern Cool Yachts

June 15, 2023 | Hurricane Hole | Marina in Nassau

Sail the Ocean While Living and Traveling in Luxury

Yachts are becoming more and more advanced as new vessels are built with cutting-edge features, impressive amenities and luxurious upgrades. Cool yachts have most of the newest features — and they’re becoming more prevalent across the world. Besides offering travel in style to beautiful destinations, especially The Bahamas, the amenities included in a private yacht offer an incredible wow factor that’s hard to beat. It’s no wonder that more people than ever are buying cool yachts and superyachts to be able to live and travel in luxury.

5 Best New Features on Cool Yachts

Yachts are always being updated to have the best new features for luxury and convenience while exploring all corners of the world. With today’s modern superyachts, comfort doesn’t need to be sacrificed while traveling across the ocean or just enjoying a day on the water. Here are some of the top new features on cool yachts:

  1. Sports Courts

It’s hard to get bored on a yacht with the impressive feature of its own sports court. Guests and owners can play basketball on the water, while getting to their preferred destination — all without having to wait to be back on land.

  1. Spas

Sometimes traveling requires sacrificing the simple pleasures of relaxing while on vacation. One of the best ways to relax while during this time for yacht owners is to take advantage of a spa on the yacht. This feature allows owners and guests to get a massage from the water jets in the tub or just have a large enough space to just relax in the shower with great water pressure.

  1. Anti-Drone Systems

It’s more common than might be expected for yacht owners to have security issues with people using drones. Drone defense systems can help stop people using unauthorized drones to infiltrate security and plan routes for stealing things aboard. 

  1. Fitness Centers

It might seem like vacation or recreational travel is all about relaxing and eating a lot, but it doesn’t require giving up on exercise routines or fitness goals — especially with the addition of onboard fitness centers. More and more yachts are being built with gyms for people who have an active lifestyle and want to work out — and maybe work off the extra calories of all that delicious food. 

  1. Hydroelectric Propulsion

People are becoming more environmentally conscientious and trying to be more efficient, and that’s why more yachts are being built with hydroelectric propulsion. A hydroelectric propulsion system includes a single diesel engine, three gensets, batteries, a propeller, and an azimuth thruster, which can make a rudder redundant. This saves so much more in fuel than with a traditional engine that older yachts have. 

Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina is the Best Marina for Cool Yachts

cool yachts in the bahamas

When planning a vacation to The Bahamas, the best deep-water marina for superyachts is right on Paradise Island. Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina offers unparalleled convenience for guests, as well as yacht captains and crew members, because it’s the first and only marina in The Bahamas to offer in-slip fueling. Hurricane Hole can accommodate any size of cool yachts, with slips up to 420 feet. Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina sells and rents slips at its prestigious facility, making it an obvious choice for where to dock while in The Bahamas.

In addition to what the marina can offer for guests on yachts, Hurricane Hole also has other amenities in the surrounding Paradise Island residential and commercial neighborhood that boasts restaurants, shops, services, and more. On-site concierge services make it easy to book reservations or transportation or just about anything else that could be needed while here.

Book a Slip for Cool Yachts at Hurricane Hole

Not only are there so many things to do on Paradise Island, but it’s also a great place to dock cool yachts at the prestigious Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina. While docked here, expect amenities and services that will make any amount of time on Paradise Island convenient and memorable. Call Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina at 242-603-1950 to find out more about the best deep-water marina in The Bahamas.