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Safest Marina for Guests and Crew

Safest Marina for Guests and Crew in Nassau

September 30, 2022 | Hurricane Hole | Marina in Nassau , Marina in Nassau For Crew

Why Safety Matters in Marinas in The Bahamas 

The Bahamas is a magical Lucayan Archipelago that’s visited by 2 million people yearly. The beauty, lifestyle, and culture of The Bahamas are unparalleled, and the country is a safe destination for international travelers. If you’re looking for the safest marina for guests and crew in Nassau, travelers should always be aware of the potential for crime in any holiday destination. No country is immune to crime, and like in other countries, crime in The Bahamas mostly occurs in the largest cities – Freeport (Grand Bahama) and Nassau (New Providence). Unfortunately, marinas in Nassau are not exempt from crimes like burglary and theft and some yachts and yacht crews have been victims of crime in recent years. 

Marina’s on Paradise Island, a separate island connected to Nassau by a toll bridge, have an added layer of security since anyone traveling to the island by car must pay a toll to cross the bridge. This means there is almost no loitering on Paradise Island. People are there either because they are vacationing, working, or living there. 

The new Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina at Paradise Landing on Paradise Island is the most technologically advanced marina in The Bahamas and offers a level of safety that ensures marina guests, residents, and visitors feel safe and have their belongings protected.

An ocean voyage by yacht to The Bahamas can be safe, comfortable, and controlled to ensure that the crime that may be present in other areas doesn’t affect guests and crew at the Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina.

24-Hour Security at Hurricane Hole Marina 

Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina provides round-the-clock uniformed security. The gated area is patrolled and monitored all day and night to ensure that only members and legitimate visitors to the marina have access to the grounds. In addition to security measures, our marina is renowned for its exceptional services of boat fuel in Nassau, ensuring vessels are well-catered to.

The marina is also equipped with state-of-the-art technology to enhance security. These include:

  • The most advanced analytical camera system on the market by Avigilon, a Motorola company 
  • The ability to set analytical rules on cameras like facial recognition and machine learning
  • On-premise storage and server access for marina guests, surveillance, and security
  • The best firewall security equipment on the market

The advanced security measures at Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina provide guests extra peace of mind while enjoying their holiday and yachting experience in The Bahamas.

Safest Marina for Guests and Crew

Services Provided to Guests and Crew at Hurricane Hole

Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina is a premier marina with best-in-class luxury amenities and services. The marina and Paradise Landing community provide guests, members, and crews with everything they need for provisions, fuel, and service of their yachts and also enjoy their time at Paradise Landing.

Some of the most notable services provided to crews and guests include but are not limited to the following:

  • 24-hour uniformed security 
  • Concierge services open up all of the entertainment, transportation, and activities around the island
  • In-slip fueling (coming soon)
  • Single and three-phase power
  • Designated port of entry – onsite immigration and custom clearance 
  • Dockside delivery services
  • Enterprise and industrial high-speed Wi-Fi internet system

Yachting Village for Guests and Crew Visiting Hurricane Hole

Paradise Landing is a luxury resort that extends beyond just the marina itself. The Residences of Paradise Landing offers an exclusive real estate investment opportunity with premium benefits at the marina such as slip ownership opportunities, exclusive membership to the world-renowned golf course, and various other benefits.

Become part of the yachting community at Paradise Landing and take advantage of the many benefits for guests and crews visiting Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina.

Want to learn more about Paradise Landing? Click here.

Safe Marina Docking with Hurricane Hole

The new marina was designed with superyachts, comfort, and safety in mind. The marina itself is protected from the currents making docking easy. The 240 ft turning basin and the slips that accommodate yachts of up to 420 ft make it one of the best and safest deep-water marinas in all of The Bahamas. The marina boasts single- and three-phase electricity conveniently locate every 50ft along with a comprehensive range of yachting and luxury services.

Call us at 242-603-1950 today for more information on slip rentals and our real estate ownership opportunities at The Residences of Paradise Landing which comes with exclusive benefits at the safest marina for guests and crew in Nassau.