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Bahamas Marina: Make Hurricane Hole Your Home Port

March 22, 2023 | Hurricane Hole | Marina in Nassau

Why Hurricane Hole Might Be the Country’s Most Convenient Place for Yachts

Searching for the right Bahamas marina is about a lot more than just the place where a yacht will dock. Captains and crew members of today’s yachts expect the right mix of amenities, security, and communications infrastructure needed by modern vessels.

One thing they might not know they can ask for is convenience — and thanks to cutting-edge new features, it’s never been more convenient for yacht captains to choose Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina as the right place to stay.

First in The Bahamas

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Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina gained international attention in late 2022 when it officially became the first in the country to offer one exceptionally convenient new amenity: in-slip fueling.

The simplicity of this phrase doesn’t do justice to just how big this feature is for a Bahamas marina — especially for yacht captains and crew members.

As part of a total reconstruction and expansion project to make Hurricane Hole bigger and better than ever, the marina gained a new 2-inch fuel line that was connected to sump boxes that act as fuel points for distribution around the perimeter. By adding this infrastructure, fuel transport trucks can now fill the line at a centralized pump and filter station, and then distribute fuel wherever it needs to go around the marina.

The ultimate result of this work and cutting-edge infrastructure means that today’s visitors to Hurricane Hole can be fueled right where they are docked, with no need to wait in line or monitor the delivery of fuel.

Unlike some Bahamas marinas, Hurricane Hole can safely, effectively — and now, conveniently — accommodate even the largest superyachts, because of its 240-foot turning basin, 14.5-foot depth at low tide, and 6,100 linear feet of deep-water docks, including fixed concrete and floating docks.

Nearby Dining and Shopping

Beyond these technical specifications that ensure a convenient, secure, accessible place to dock, captains and crew members will be drawn to Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina for another reason: close proximity to all the dining, shopping, and recreational activities they could ever want.

The world-famous Atlantis Resort & Casino, which also is on Paradise Island, is just a five-minute walk away from Hurricane Hole. 

The Paradise Landing commercial and residential hub that surrounds this Bahamas marina already has a dockside bar and grill, pharmacy, wine, and spirits store, and wellness center. Coming soon: Three more restaurants, a gourmet grocery store, and a lounge and gym for yacht captains and crew members.

Docking here has never been better — for everyone on the yacht.

Stop Searching for a Bahamas Marina and Call Hurricane Hole Today

There are so many reasons why Hurricane Hole is the right choice when looking for a Bahamas marina — and the ability to get the ultra-convenient in-slip fueling option right at the dock is a pretty good one.

Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina’s pristine location on Paradise Island, surrounded by all kinds of options for shopping, dining, and recreation, certainly doesn’t hurt the cause, either.
Whatever the reason, it’s clear that Hurricane Hole is the right place to stay. Learn more about just what makes this facility a world-class Bahamas marina by contacting the Hurricane Hole team online or calling 242-603-1950.